1978, Steelbro 3 axle tub tipper, Brake coded

Make: SteelBro.
Type: 3 Axle, Steel bath tub.
Model: SBTT21.
Deck: 5.8m x 1100m sides, with a swing t/gate, twin ram u/body hoist.
D/Beam: Exp: 30th March 2025, 50mm tow eye.
Tare: 6460kg's.
GVM: 24,000kg's.
W/Base: 3,800m
Rims: 10 stud
Tyres: 11R 22.5's
Susp: Spring.
COF: New on sale of.
Reg: Exp: 26th May 2022.
The trailer is brake coded, all new brake linings, drums and censors, cost $11,000.
PRICE: $25,000 + GST
Mobile: 021 331149

1987. Mills Tui, 4 axle alloy tipper trailer
Make: Mills Tui
Type: 4 axle alloy tipping trailer.
Year: 1987.
D/Bar: NEW. 40mm eye.
Deck: Alloy, Length: 6.54m.Width: 2320m,
Sides: 1200mm, t/gate: swing type.
Susp: Spring.
Rims: Alloy single wheels.
Tyres: 275/70R 22.5's.
Tare: 5340kg's.
GVM: 20,800kg's.
W/Base: 3,710m
COF: Exp: 8th Mch 2022.
Reg: Exp; 14th Nov 2022.
PRICE: $28,000 + GST.
Mobile: 021 331149
1986, Homebuilt, front of B Train skel trailer
Make: Home Rebuilt
Model: FLB35
Year: 1986
Type: Front of a B Train skeletal trailer
Rims: 5 spoke artillery.
Tyres: 11r's 80% good.
Axles: Propar.
Susp: Spring.
Guards: Rhino.
Cont: 1 x 20ftr
Rear: 5th wheel fixed.
Reg: Curent
COF: New on sale of.
Tare: 4450kg's
Can put a 33ftr on it and use it as a flat top for containers.
Still working.
PRICE: $17,000 + GST
Mobile: 021 331149
1998,TMC, 4 Axle, curtain sider pull trailer
Make: TMC.
Year: 1998.
Type: Dry goods curtain sider.
Susp: Spring.
Axles: ROR.
Tyres: 265/70R 19.5's.
Deck: Steel with t/locks.
Length int: 8570m.
Height int: 2990m
Ground to floor: 1120mm.
D/Bar: 2280mm, Exp: Oct 2025.
Tare: 6560kg's.
GVM: 31,000kg's.
T/Boxes: both sides.
COF: New on sale of.
Reg: Current.
Pallets: 16.
PRICE: $25,000 + GST
1999, Roadmaster, 4 axle, C side Pull trailer
Make: Roadmaster
Year: 1999.
Type: 4 axle curtain sider pull trailer.
Deck: Steel
Length: 8550m int.
Height: 3030m int
Width: 2470m int.
Tare: 6620kg's
GVM: 29,000kg's.
D/Bar: 50mm, 1750m, Exp Feb 2024
Rims: Alloys.
Tyres: 265/70R 19.5's.
Susp: Spring.
COF: New on sale of.
Reg: Current.
PRICE: $24,000 + GST
Mobile: 021 331149
1984, Trailer, steel b tub tipper type, tow behind
Make: Trailer.
Type: 4 axle steel btub tipper type.
Year: 1984.
Deck, steel, bathtub, 7.4m x 1.1m sides,
with swing t/lgate, b/ fob hoist.
D/Bar: 5mtr, Exp: 18th April 2028.
Rims: 5 spoke artillery.
Tyres: 255/70R 22.5's.
Susp: Reyco spring.
W/Base: 5220m.
Tare: 7530m.
GVM: 38,750kg's.
Axles: F 20,000kg's, R 20,000kg's.
COF: Exp: 23rd Jan 2022.
Reg: Exp: 30th Nov 2021.
PRICE: $48,000 + GST.
Mobile: 021 331149