2000, Isuzu, CXH450, 8x4 curtain sider
Make: Isuzu,
Model: CXH450,
Year: 2000.
Type: 8x4 curtain sider,
Trans: 18spd, O/Hauled, New clutch
HP: 450hp,
Eng: Overhauled.
Rims: Alloy rim.
Tare: 10,840kg's.
GVM: 29,000 kgs.
GCM: 50,000kg's
Susp: Heavy-duty, used on log trucks, “Chalmers rubber block”
Km's: 1,3mill km.
Air cond: Yes
D/Beam: 50mm ring feeder expires, May 2021.
Length: 7.1m int length, height: 2850m int.
Width: 2450m
Pallets: 14 pallets,
COF: New on sale of.,
March 2020, this truck had an exchanged motor off one of their other units, not being used.
It has done 400,000km’s on a full overhaul.
Also did, Jackshaft, radiator & injectors.
PRICE: $28,800.00 + GST
Mobile: 021 331149
1999, Isuzu, CXH450R 8x4 curtain sider
Make: Isuzu.
Model: CXH450R.
Year: 1999.
Type: 8x4 dry goods curtain sider.
Trans: 18spd. Overhauled, 2015.
Deck: Steel, Length: 7020m int.
Height internal: 2950m,
Rims: Alloy.
Susp: Airbag.
Tyres: 295/80R'S, front, 11R'S Rear.
HP: 450HP.
Km's: 1.660m km's
Tare: 10,880kg's.
GVM: 29,000kg's.
COF: New on sale of.
Reg: Current.
Clutch: Replaced, 2020
Inj pump: Done, 2020.
Power divider and Jack shaft done 2021.
PRICE: $28,000 + GST.
2008, Isuzu, CYJ460, 8x4, Curtain sider
Make: Isuzu.
Model: CYJ460, GIGA.
Year: 2008.
Type: 8x4 dry goods curtain sider.
Eng hp: 460hp.
Trans: 18 spd manual
Has done1.6m, km's. At I.2m, it had a recall on the motor, Pistons, Liners, Rings, bearings & also a Radiator.
COF: New.
Reg: Current
Deck: Steel with twist locks, length, internal 7m x 2990m high x 2470m width.
The deck is twist locked to the chassis, those locks are not container capable,the steel deck has its own t/locks, which are.
Ground to floor: 1120mm.
Susp: Airbag.
Rims: Alloy.
Tyres: 275/70R 22.5’s.
D/Beam: 50mm, Expires: 30th June 2028.
Tare: 10,260m
GVM: 29,000kg’s.
W/Base: 5990m.
X Fonterra Sth Island.
14 Pallet.
Has permits for over 20m as a unit.
PRICE: $45,800 + GST